We have also been funded by IRCSET and Marie-Curie Actions (EU FP7).

Funding Received:

Total of approximately $10 million
 2018Abbott Vascular - Investigator Initiated Study
Carl Schultz & Barry Doyle
 2017ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre 
 2017ANZ Society of Vascular Surgery - Vascular Foundation
Paul Norman & Barry Doyle
 2016UWA Near Miss Scheme
Paul Norman & Barry Doyle
 2015UWA Education Futures Scholarship Program Grant Funding
Kara Yopak, Jenny Rodger, Melinda Fitzgerald, Shaun Collin, Barry Doyle & Tim Sercombe

 2015UWA Research Collaboration Award
Barry Doyle, Grand Joldes & Peter Hoskins

UWA & The University of Edinburgh 

 2015New Investigator Researcher Infrastructure Support (NIRIS)
Barry Doyle

 2015Medical Research Foundation
Carl Schultz, Barry Doyle, Roslyn Francis & Eric Moses

 2015UWA Fellowship Support
Barry Doyle

NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (4yrs)
Barry Doyle

 2014UWA Research Collaboration Award
Barry Doyle, Grand Joldes & Janet Powell

UWA & Imperial College London

NHMRC Project Grant (4yrs)
Barry Doyle, David Newby, Peter Hoskins, Karol Miller & Jia Lu
UWA, The University of Edinburgh & The University of Iowa

 2013 UWA ECM Research Development Award
Barry Doyle, Paul Norman, Janet Powell & Tim McGloughlin
UWA, Imperial College London & KUSTAR

 2013 UWA Research Collaboration Award
Grand Joldes, Barry Doyle, Ron Kikinis & Gabor Fichtinger
UWA, Harvard Medical School & Queen's University

UWA Research Fellowship (3yrs)
Barry Doyle

UK MRC Efficacy & Mechanism Evaluation Programme (4yrs)
David Newby, Peter Hoskins, Barry Doyle, Jennifer Richards, Scott Semple et al.
The University of Edinburgh

IRCSET-Marie Curie Research Fellowship (3yrs)
Barry Doyle

The University of Edinburgh & University of Limerick

Barry Doyle