PhD Candidate

Louis Parker

Contact Details:


Research Interests:

My research at VascLab focuses on aneurysms of the common iliac artery. We are able to construct realistic 3D models of the aorta and iliac arteries for individual patients from CT scans. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we are able to better understand the formation and progression of these aneurysms. This research is aimed at determining the risk of rupture of aneurysmal cases or the risk of complications in aortic dissection, with the hope that more informed clinical decisions can be made. In particular I have been investigating the effect that aorta morphology has on this region as well as the impact of vortex shedding. In the future I hope to apply these same techniques to different forms of vascular disease!

Hobbies & Interests:

My main passion is surfing and I love travelling in the pursuit of waves whenever possible! Other hobbies of mine include photography, art and listening to any and all types of music.

Prizes & Awards:

William and Marlene Schrader Biomedical Engineering Scholarship (2016)