March 2017
Two new VascLab papers published! Nik published his work in Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology (here) and Albert published in Computer in Medicine and Biology - congrats to all involved!

Barry also gave the Keynote Lecture at the 2017 RANZCO Inter-hospital Opthalmological Meeting.

Feb 2017
A really nice article on Barry was published in the national Irish newspaper (The Irish Times) this month - check it out here.

Massive congrats to Nik Bappoo for winning 2nd place in the UWA Best B.Phil Honours Thesis and the top ranked UWA Engineering Thesis!

A warm VascLab welcome to our newest intake of research students! Ava, Andrew, Joe, Michael, Brendon and Chris. Welcome aboard.

Jan 2017
After several years hard work (with a huge effort from Pete Hoskins!!) our new textbook on Cardiovascular Biomechanics is available from Springer! Purchase online here.

Dec 2016
Barry gave an invited talk at the joint 6th Margaret River Region Forum and 9th ASSCR Annual Scientific Meeting - what a really great conference! He also gave an talk at the Winthrop High Society Hearts & Minds event.

Nov 2016
Congrats to all the VascLab Master students who are finishing up! A great year of research and huge effort from all!

Oct 2016
The 11th MICCAI Computational Biomechanics for Medicine workshop was held in Athens this month and VascLab presented two papers - one by Ryley and one by Lachlan. 

Sept 2016
Barry was featured in the WA Business News magazine this month - article is here.
Barry also traveled to Liege, Belgium, to give two invited talks at the 5th International Meeting on Aortic Disease - the presentations can be found on the conference site here and here

YouTube Video

Caitlin also presented our feto-placental blood flow modelling at the International Federation of Placenta Associations, Oregon, USA.

Aug 2016
More great media attention for VascLab! We were featured on several TV news channels this month for our work on 3D bioprinting and our efforts to accelerate biomedical engineering in WA. This UWA YouTube video (right) summarizes things nicely.

July 2016
Congrats to Lockie as he gets TWO papers accepted in top journals all in 1 week! One paper in the International Journal of Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering and another in the Journal of Biomechanics.

June 2016
Some recent media attention for VascLab - Science Network WA published this nice article on us and the Perkins magazine published this nice piece on our new Biomedical Engineering @ Perkins initiative.

May 2016
VascLab is now officially part of the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. This is a really exciting time for VascLab and sets the scene for a very bright, collaborative future of cutting-edge biomedical research.
We moved in in late May and are currently fitting out the labs!

May 2016
A really great Science on the Swan meeting with some excellent talks. Barry gave an invited talk with Ryley, Lachlan and Louis each presenting brilliant posters.

April 2016
Lachlan, Ryley and Louis have all had their research accepted for the upcoming Science on the Swan conference. Looking forward to a great event!

March 2016
Congrats to Ryley Macrae who has just had his first paper accepted in the journal Strain! Very well deserved.

March 2016
VascLab welcomes Louis Parker - our newest PhD student!
Louis has already worked with VascLab for over 1 year during his Masters thesis and will now begin work on thoracic aortic dissections.

We also say a big bellow and welcome to the newest Master and BPhil student recruits to VascLab - Nik, Jia-Ying, Jordan, Corey, Lester, Nithin, Duncan and Brandon. Looking forward to working with you all!

Feb 2016
Barry has been invited to talk at the Science on the Swan conference in Perth, in May 2016.

Jan 2016
A busy start to the year! Barry has been invited to speak at the 5th International Meeting on Aortic Disease (IMAD5) held every two years in Liege, Belgium. This meeting brings together experts from around the world. This conference is in September 2016.

Barry and Lachlan also get their image onto the cover of Annals of Biomedical Engineering!

Dec 2015
Congrats to Kara Yopak and the team for a successful grant application to use 3D printing in the classroom - we'll be printing lots of reeeally cool shark brains to help with teaching and comparative studies!!

Nov 2015
Barry gave an invited talk at the 15th IEEE International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering (BIBE 2015) - in Belgrade, Serbia. There was  dedicated AAA rupture session organised by Dr. Igor Koncar with some great talks followed by a 'panel of experts' discussion - Dr. Barry Doyle, Prof. Lazar Davidovic, Prof. David Vorp, Prof. Tim McGloughlin, Dr. Christian Gasser, Prof. Christos Ioannou. A really stimulating day! 

Oct 2015
Another great MICCAI CBM workshop - this time celebrating it's 10th anniversary! And what a great city to host it; Munich is awesome any time of the year.

Oct 2015
Congrats to Lachlan Kelsey for winning the Uniclub of WA PhD Travel Scholarship!!

Sept 2015
A great night for VascLab at the annual UWA Research Awards. Barry wins the Vice-Chancellor's Early Career Investigator Award - for the second year running, and Karol Miller wins a Senior Career Award.

Sept 2015
An incredible night for the BioZone at the UWA Research Awards winning six awards across all three categories!!
Barry Doyle - Early Career Investigator Award
Bredan Kennedy, Kevin Pfleger and Jane Pillow - Mid Career Investigator Awards
David Sampson and Mariapia Degli-Esposti - Senior Career Investigator Awards

Aug 2015
Another successful grant application for VascLab! We have just won another Research Collaboration Award with Pete Hoskins at The University of Edinburgh

July 2015
VascLab finally gets onboard with Twitter - follow us @vasclab_uwa

July 2015
Another great CBME meeting has just finished, this time at ENCS Cachan in Paris. Barry chaired a session with presentations varying from spine mechanics to elastography to airway dynamics. Lachan and Habib both delivered excellent presentations at the meeting - and this marks Lachlan's first presentation at a conference! Well done to both!

June 2015
Barry and Paul Norman have just had a paper accepted in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering, entitled Computational Biomechanics in Aortic Dissection: Today's Approaches and Tomorrow's Opportunities.

June 2015
Grand, Adam, Karol and Barry, together with recently graduated PhD students Garlapati and Mostayed publish more work on neuroimage misalignment using biomechanics, this time in Computers in Biology and Medicine.

June 2015
Barry and Paul, together with Shirley Jansen and Zhonghua Sun have just written an invited commentary in the JEVT. This article will be published in the August issue.

May 2015
Barry has won a NIRIS Award! These awards are given by the WA Department of Health and are valued at $10,000. This award enables further infrastructure support for VascLab. This year, there were seven awards in total and Barry is the only engineer to win one

May 2015
Congrats to Grand Joldes! His work on a new modified moving least squares (MMLS) approach has been accepted in Applied Mathematics and Computation.

Apr 2015:
Another successful grant application! Congrats to Prof. Carl Schultz who will lead the MOTIVATOR Study. We will be investigating acute coronary syndrome in patients using state of the art mutli-modality imaging and computational biomechanics. This is going to develop into several exciting studies over the coming years!

Apr 2015:
Congrats to Fang Wang and our collaborators in China. Our work on the computational modelling of rib fractures was been accepted in Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering.

Apr 2015:
Barry gave an invited seminar in the School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology on April 21.

Apr 2015:
Tim Sercombe gave an invited talk on our bioprinting work at the Centre for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Annual Research Symposium, at Curtin University, April 19.

Apr 2015:
Lachlan's work has been accepted to the upcoming 4th International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Biomedical Engineering in Paris, France.

Apr 2015:
A big thanks to Fareena and Materialise for two great days of hands-on Mimics Innovation Suite training at UWA.

Feb 2015:
The 6th edition in the Computational Biomechanics for Medicine series will be available from Springer soon! This years' edition is 'New Approaches and New Applications'.

Feb 2015:
VascLab is pleased to welcome Andreas Kristen from TU Munich! Andreas has joined us as a visiting scholar to perform his Masters thesis research and will work on retinal blood flow modelling. Welcome to Perth, Andreas!!

Jan 2015:
Well done Lachlan Kelsey on winning an Australian Postgraduate Award and also the Computational Biomechanics for Medicine Scholarship! Lachlan completed his Honours thesis with Barry and has recently begun his PhD at VascLab.

Jan 2015:
Congrats to Olivia McBride and our colleagues in Edinburgh. We have just published a paper on our clinical trial (The MA3RS Trial) in the British Medical Journal: Open Heart.

Jan 2015:
Barry has just been appointed as Senior Lecturer in the School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering. This tenurable Faculty position was advertised internationally.

Dec 2014:
UWA has reverted back to the traditional academic titles used throughout Australia (and the UK). In 2009, UWA moved to a US-based title system (Lecturer = Assistant Professor; Senior Lecturer = Associate Professor) which caused confusion in Australia. Rest assured we have not all received demotions! Associate Professor is now called Senior Lecturer once again.....some academics at UWA have chosen to stay on the US-based system. More official info here.

Dec 2014:
Congrats to Mao Li on the recent acceptance of his work in Medical Image Analysis (IF=3.68). Mao's work involves whole-body CT image registration using a biomechanical model.

Nov 2014:
Barry was presented with the Vice Chancellor's Research Award for Early Career Investigators at an award ceremony during UWA Research Week (6 Nov 2014). These awards identify outstanding researchers within UWA.

Nov 2014:
Siobhan O'Leary and VascLab have just published another paper in the Journal of the Mechanical Behaviour of Biomedical Materials (IF=3.05).

Oct 2014:
Barry has just been awarded a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (18-10-2014). This year only 3 researchers in WA were awarded such a Fellowship. This research programme will extend VascLab's work on patient-specific modelling of vascular disease.

Oct 2014:
Congrats to Siobhan O'Leary on her new job at the University of California, Davis!!!

Oct 2014:
Barry gave an invited talk at the ANZSVS 2014 meeting in Canberra (11-13 Oct 2014). It was an excellent meeting and a great opportunity to meet with the ANZ vascular community.

Oct 2014:
VascLab hosts Janet Powell (Imperial College London) and Tim McGloughlin (Khalifa University) for a Bioengineering Seminar on AAA (9 Oct 2014).

Sept 2014:
Another successful MICCAI 'Computational Biomechanics for Medicine' workshop, this time held at MIT. Barry chaired this year's meeting and the CBM Best Paper Award went to Dr. Hon Fai Choi from the University of Geneva. Next year's meeting will be in Munich, Germany. Pictures to follow....

Aug 2014:
Barry has been invited to speak at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) Annual Scientific Congress (ACS) in May 2015. This is the largest surgical conference in Australia and New Zealand!

Aug 2014:
VascLab has just been awarded another grant! We will be investigating isolated iliac aneurysms with Janet Powell and Imperial College London.

Aug 2014:
Barry will travel to the Materialise HQ in Leuven, Belgium, to present at the Mimics Innovation Conference in October 2014. This conference showcases the new ways in which Mimics is being used to help saves lives with speakers coming from all over the world. A full day of the conference is dedicated to '3D printing in the hospital'.

Aug 2014:
Another paper published by Siobhan O'Leary and VascLab. This time in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering (IF=3.2) and on our biaxial work with AAA wall tissue.

Aug 2014:
VascLab has a new home! We have recently acquired a full PC2 lab - the only one in the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics. Exciting times ahead...

July 2014:
Congrats to Lixin Chin, Brendan Kennedy, David Sampson and our colleagues at OBEL. We have just published our first paper together in Biomedical Optics Express (IF=3.2).

June 2014:
Barry has been awarded the 'Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing' from Medical Engineering & Physics (IF1.8). These awards go to 25 reviewers each year selected by the Editor.

June 2014:
In October 2014, Barry will give an invited talk on the use of PSM in aneurysm rupture risk at the Australian and New Zealand Society for Vascular Surgery conference (ANZSVS 2014) in Canberra.

June 2014:
VascLab website goes live!

May 2014:
Congratulations to Dr. Siobhan O'Leary who successfully defended her PhD thesis on 16/05/2014. Her thesis was titled: "On the characterisation of abdominal aortic aneurysm tissues" and Siobhan was supervised by Barry Doyle and Tim McGloughlin.
Jonathan Vande Geest, who is well known for his work on soft tissue biomechanics, traveled to Limerick from The University of Arizona to examine Siobhan.

Together with Peter Hoskins (Univ. Edinburgh) and Pat Lawford (Univ. Sheffield), Barry is currently preparing a new undergraduate/postgraduate teaching textbook on "Cardiovascular Biomechanics" to be published by Springer in 2016.

This year's Computational Biomechanics for Medicine (CBM IX) workshop, which is in its 9th year, is to be hosted by M.I.T. in Boston, USA, on 14 September 2014. Full details of this year's event are here.
This year Gabor Fichtinger (Queen's University) and Francisco Chinesta (Ecole Centrale of Nantes) will deliver keynote lectures.

The 5th edition of "Computational Biomechanics for Medicine: Fundamental Science and Patient-Specific Applications" (Editors: Barry Doyle, Karol Miller, Adam Wittek and Poul Nielson) is now available from Springer.

According to the WorldCat database, Barry's book on the new approaches to AAA rupture risk assessment is now available in over 800 libraries worldwide!

The average impact factor of VascLab's publications is 2.58 which is much higher than the average of biomedical engineering at 1.58.
However, we always try publish our work in the most applicable journal which is not always the one with the highest impact factor.

One of our papers is in the top 1%, nine in the top 10% and a further three in the top 20% most frequently cited (source: ESI Baselines).

Doyle et al., Journal of Vascular Surgery 2009;49:443-454 has some interesting statistics associated with it (all found using ISI Web of Science):
It's the 15th most cited aneurysm (Topic=aneurysm) paper published by JVS since 2009 (out of 1,716 and one of only two engineering-based papers in the top 100).
It's the 20th most cited paper of all publications by JVS since 2009 (out of 11,006).
It's in the top 100 most cited out of all aneurysm (Topic=aneurysm) papers across all journals published since 2009 (78th out of over 66,000 papers).

Doyle et al., Biomed Eng Online 2007;6:38 is ranked the 6th most cited paper published by the journal since 2007 (out of 582) (source: ISI, May 2014).

Ten VascLab papers are ranked among the highest cited by the journal since publication.

Our paper in ATVB was awarded the cover image of the October 2010 issue! Cover shown on right.